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ACL Weekend 2 Ticket Giveaway!



If the Internet is as much of a vital part of your day-to-day as it is mine, then you can understand what an absolute pain it can be when your ‘net speed starts to lag. That’s why when I first heard that AT&T launched GigaPower (a 100% fiber network a.k.a. SUPER fast Internet a.k.a. I can have a million tabs open AND download music AND binge watch America’s Next Top Model at the same time) last year in Austin, I was more than stoked. Austin is now the second city in Texas with GigaPower, along with Dallas.

I was even more stoked when I was asked to attend Weekend One of Austin City Limits this year on behalf of AT&T U-verse, and do a giveaway to my followers for TWO tickets to Weekend Two! Say what?! That’s right — two tickets to the totally SOLD OUT highly anticipated second weekend of ACL could be yours!

Here’s how to win:

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Amanda Tabares. I want to see Lana Del Rey!!!




SOOOOO. I just called the Ferguson Police Department.

Before I could say ONE word, this lady says “You wannabe revolutionaries are wasting your fucking time”.

whats the number